Mac Versus PC

Deciding Which Computer To Buy – Mac Versus PC
Millions of people right now are segregated into two major paths of thinking when it comes to technology. They are considering whether or not to work with Mac or PC. These are two very different platforms, and while some people will argue that they have a lot of similarities, chances are you will see that there are a lot of differences to consider. It’s for that reason that you should consider looking at which option may very well prove to be the best for your individual needs. If you are on the fence as to which option is going to be best for you, then take a moment to explore the following reasons why one may be better suited for you than others.

The Cost Option
First and foremost, the average computer user is going to look at price. It’s inherent when buying technology, and it’s not something that you are going to get away from. If you aren’t sure what the price you want to pay is, then you will need to understand that these two computer elements will in fact showcase a huge jump either way. The cost options that you need to consider here are in regards to your personal budget.
The Mac price tag is inherently more expensive. When you look at the computers that are available from this company, you will have two very unique experiences. In the laptop element, you’ll find that there is the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. These are thousand-dollar computer solutions on the base models, and when it comes to their desktop line ups, expect to pay around the same price for entry level and pro models. Either way, you’re going to be jumping into the thousands of dollars to get a Mac.
There are a lot of Windows based PC computers that start at under $200. That’s right, laptops and desktops can be valued at a lot lower than Mac’s outright. This is why so many people go with PC options rather than Mac, and it’s true to this day, the price tag is a huge difference maker.

The Processing Power
Comparing processing power is a tough one, but Mac wins when it comes to pro models and how it interacts with the software that runs the computer systems. Now, that’s not to say that Windows cannot match the power, but it doesn’t usually match up in the same efficiency ratio. The reason being is simple; PC options are made to upgrade. If you buy a $200 desktop, for instance, you’ll be able to upgrade the RAM and bolster up the processing power to comparable options in the Mac area. However, the difference here is that you will not have the efficiency of running Mac OS, unless you partition your hard drive. At the core, comparable solutions are found between PC and Mac processors, however, the price tag will elevate to comparable levels when you do this. The edge goes to Mac.

What Are You Going To Do With Your Computer?
This is an important question to ask, and it’s one that will dictate the real answer as to which computer system you should buy. If you are going to be doing a lot of graphic heavy things, building websites, programming computer systems, and doing heavy tech, then the industry standards is none other than Mac. They rule the creative and tech worlds, and you are going to find few programmers that do not like the Mac OS and easy access to Linux and other options.
Now, if you’re going to be using the computer for email, writing, and regular office tasks, you’ll find that PC options are better. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot do the heavy tech builds, it’s just a matter of preference within the industry levels. There are always going to be exceptions to this rule, but overall, you’re going to find that tech industries usually go with Mac over PC. Casual computer users will want to go with PC options, however, so in that case the edge goes to PC.

Which To Buy?
At the end of the day, you’ll find that there are options that are relegated to be similar. There’s far more similarities in today’s computer world than ever before. If you’re going to have a good size budget, consider Mac for the dependability and processing efficiency. However, if you’re going to be on a budget, PC options can work today, and be upgraded tomorrow with relative ease. The end result however, as to which is better, or which you should buy relies on your personal needs and experiences overall, as they both can do great things.


What Is More Powerful The Ps4 or The Xbox One?

xboxWhen it comes to getting the latest and greatest gaming consoles, you’re going to have to look at two major sources. Right now, there are two major consoles that are selling the best, and are garnered the most advanced ever. Which are they? Consider The Ps4 and the Xbox One. These are two juggernauts, and they are insanely powerful. They have been on the market for a few years and they each have a hefty price tag, but they justify it by the fact that they are pushing boundaries of raw processing power and video definition. From sight to sound, you’ll find that there’s a lot to explore when it comes to the current generation of console gaming. With that in mind, consider the following breakdown as to which one is more powerful. Power means everything, when you want to play the latest and greatest games.

Consider The Processor First

Let’s consider the processing power of each console. You will find that if you’re going to break down the console based on chip set, you’ll find that each one has an interesting solution. Each option is custom formatted for gaming. AMD APU is the main element and each one is paired with a GPU that runs eight-cores. So which one has more power? The Xbox One has the legitimate speed element, which is running at 1.76 GHz. The Ps4 is running a slight bit slower, but not by much. You’ll find that it’s 1.6 GHz clocked. That’s it. The difference is marginal in regards to processing power and speeds. Some have stated that you can overclock it, but we’re comparing stock.

The Graphic Processing

The chip set may be fast, but the two are different in how they pair up the tech that is inside the boxes. When you look at the graphic elements, you’ll need to know the numbers. The raw data can point towards providing a real answer as to what option is better. The Ps4 has a size element win. That’s right, it’s larger than the Xbox One. The Ps4 has 18 units with 1,152 shaders. It is a stronger processor, but not in terms of speed. The speed of the Xbox One is faster, but not by much, only 53 Mhz separates the two. However, when it comes to processing, the Ps4 is the key element.

RAM Power

Let’s look at the RAM elements of these two consoles. You’re going to find that there are several specs to consider here. The difference is going to definitely give you a new focal point. Both options have the same ram chip, actually, with 8 GB of RAM within the box. These may have great ram quality, but you’ll find that you will see that the PS4 has 5500 MHz GDDR5 RAM, whereas the Xbox uses DDR3 Ram chips. The difference is negotiable. Now, when you look at bandwidth capabilities and SRAM, the Xbox One has a slight edge with 32MB of embedded SRAM and it pushes a little more bandwidth to process gaming elements.

The Storage Element

Ok, the two systems trade off power, but what about storage? Storage is important in regards to speed, downloads, updating games, and more. So which one wins? If you’re going to invest in Xbox, you will have an edge. The hard drive is set at 1 TB. That’s right, it’s a hybrid disk set that is larger and faster than that of the Ps4. Pundits will say that the Sony option doesn’t need so much, but it’s nice to have in place, just in case.

The Verdict

So, which one is the best overall? Based on power? Well, that’s where things get murky. In raw data, based on games and the resolution you’re going to get, you’ll see that the Ps4 has a very slight edge. It’s powerful, shows great performance, exclusive games, and renders games quite well. The Microsoft option is good overall, but you’re going to be surprised by the fact that there is a slight muddle in graphics. You may find it negligible, but when you look at the raw data, the numbers, and the actual performance, you’ll find that the two are very close.

If you go with just raw data, just pure numbers, The Microsoft solution is better. However, if you go with actual gameplay, fun, and high resolution graphics, the Sony Ps4 wins the power game. However, that’s just by a hair. Some will argue that it’s not, but it’s all about how the graphics and power are used, because it’s gaming overall.


The Top 5 Remote Controlled Drones Today

The Top 5 Remote Controlled Drones Today

If you’re interested in flight, and want to get a great drone, you’re going to be in luck. 2016 is the year of the drone, or perhaps it’s just a year that has seen the largest amount of interest in flying these incredible devices. You will find that there are a lot of options to consider when it comes to buying remote controlled drones today. If you have been waiting to get your hands on one of the better solutions, consider the following top 5 remote options that are going to prove that you can take flight on a professional scale, and get a bird’s eye view of just about anything. These are just 5 of the best, but of course, there are a lot of solutions on the market to explore.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

Here you go, the top of the line for those that want to get to the skies with ease. This is a drone that has been consistently getting a lot of positive reviews. People are impressed with the build, weight, and ease of flying. The only detractor is that the battery can end up getting burned fast, giving you only around 30 minutes of fly time in many cases. However, if you have an extra battery, you can make sure to get a lot more flight. The solution here is going to be the best option for those that want to take 4K video and upwards of 5km in terms of control distance.

Syma X8G

Going ahead with another great pick, with lots of reviews is the Syma X8G. This is an easy option to move forward with, and something that will absolutely fill the needs that you have in regards to flying and recording. The best thing about this one is that is completely compatible with GoPro cameras. If you have a GoPro already, you can take advantage of this option to hold it in place. However, if you don’t have one, don’t panic, you can use the 8MP on board camera and display high definition video that works upwards of 720P and 1080P respectively. The flight time is only 12 minutes, but it’s still a solid solution.

Parrot BeBop 2.0

Parrot has been putting out some interesting drone options, and this is the new one that has been released. This is a stellar, high tech device that gives you 186-degree view point. Not only that, the camera on this one is going to impress even the hardest of skeptics. The camera offers 15 megapixels and gives full HD imaging at 1080p. That’s right, this is a 1080p standard recording option, and one that will give you the full high definition option. What makes this even better is that you’ll receive a splash proof, dust proof, and stabilized camera lens, so that you can go through areas that many other drones simply can’t venture towards.

3DR Robotics Solo

Want something compact, yet technically sound? Well here you go, the 3DR Solo gives you serious power that can stream to most devices. You’ll find that the computer chips on board run at 1 GHz each, yes, there are 2 of them. You’ll find that you can attach your GoPro and control it in flight, or you could choose a different selection that will let you fly through various areas in a simple fashion. The interesting element here, is that you can have this play with autonomy. That’s right you could have 4 different autonomous flight options to help you get the most out of your flying experience. It can follow, orbit, and even take selfies with relative ease.

Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon

Last but not least, here is one of the most powerful drones that you can buy as a consumer, without breaking the bank. Attached to this flying system is a 16-megapixel camera that captures stunning 1080P footage at a full 60 frames per second. That’s right, it’s clean, it’s impeccable, and you will find that others just can’t compare to this camera that is built in. Furthermore, there are several advanced flight mechanics built into it, so if you want to get some tight shots, or explore some unique areas, you can do so with relative ease. This one is for the advanced drone pilot, so if you’re a beginner, this may not be for you.

At the end of the day, the above top 5 remote controlled drones are just some of the options that you can find today. They are great solutions to get to filming outside, indoors, and beyond, but of course, there’s always new tech coming, so keep your eyes open.



Top 4 Home Security Systems

Top 4 Home Security systems

Purchasing a home is a great thing. Millions of people today are signing paperwork and getting their keys. Buying a home is a spectacular investment, and it’s something that you will not want to take lightly. When you fully move in and everything is in place, you’re going to find yourself enjoying the great benefits that come from owning your home and living the American Dream. This is all good, but what about security? No one wants to think about the worse that could happen, but it’s important. When you are looking at going forward with purchasing a home, you’re going to want to protect it, and that means that you will want to look into a home security system that will pay off dividends when you are not home. Peace of mind is hard to come by when you are worried about whether or not someone can easily break into your home. No one waits to be a victim, things happen, and it’s important to protect yourself ahead of time.  Imagine if you were in your bedroom applying your wrinkle cream and you saw a stranger in the mirror.  Wouldn’t that be terrifying?  Wouldn’t you rather have a home alarm security system to prepare you for such a dreadful scenario?   In that regards, consider the following top 4 home security systems that you can invest in right now.


Edging out some of the larger companies that provide systems, this company has been protecting homes with stellar reviews, and amazing quality. When you sign up with them, they will provide your home a full range of security elements, including automation and more. You will also receive free equipment, and easy terms to go through. You’ll find that this is one way to ensure that your home is absolutely protected against nefarious individuals in your area.


It was hard to edge this company out, but honestly, it’s a close second in many lists. This is a company that has been ranked as one of the best companies to work with in terms of providing security systems for a home. You’ll find that they use wireless hardware, and even let you have a 30-day free trial of all their systems. Not only that, they are inexpensive. That’s right, you could get a full-fledged option for under $40 a month, giving peace of mind with relative ease.

Protect America

If you’re looking for low cost, easy to set up systems, then you need to give Protect America a call. This company has been one of the up and comers in terms of security. They provide easy access, quick setup options that start at under $20. That’s right, for just under $20 you could have a full system in place to protect your investment and ensure your home’s protected whenever you’re not home. There are several tiers that you can upgrade to here, so you aren’t just getting one “cheap” option amidst others, there’s a lot to explore here.

Link Interactive

Security options that have been around for some time abound, and this is one of them. The company has 60 years of experience when it comes to securing homes. When you are working with an option that is going to help you move into the future, go with an experienced brand, and that’s what you get with Link Interactive. For under $30 a month, you could have home automation linked to your wireless protection system. Simply put, it’s affordable, and easy to work with.

Picking The Right Solution

It’s easy to see why these systems are the 4 best right now. However, there are a lot more to explore. If you look online for the best security systems, you will see millions of listings. There’s so many solutions that you will not be able to just decide on “one” alone. That being said, it’s imperative that you take time to narrow down your wants and needs. You may want a traditional system, or you may want one that is fully automated, or perhaps one that you can link to your smartphone. Whatever the case may be, make sure that you take your time picking out the right option. It’s easy to get caught up with a lot of bells and whistles, but you may not need them.

Shop around, and consider the above the 4 best systems that you can look into at first. If you don’t like them, by all means look for others. There’s a lot of companies that can help protect your home. The bottom line of all of this is simple, peace of mind. Getting peace of mind after you’ve purchased your dream home is as simple as getting a good system in place. The above will do just that, and for prices less than what you’d expect.


Understanding What Computer Software Is

Everyone uses a computer. No matter how you look at it, you’ll find that computing is something that you are going to see all throughout life. Whether you look at a smartphone, or you look at your desktop computer at work, you’ll find that computing is ubiquitous. What does this all mean? Well, to put it plainly, you’re going to find that these only work with software. Computer software makes the world go round, and you don’t even realize it. In fact, without this, computers are nothing more than chips. The chip sets are simple, easy to look at, but they do nothing, if there’s no programs to run through the elements. To make this simpler, consider a few notes on what defines software today.

What Is Computer Software?

Let’s consider the basic definition of this solution. You’re going to find that this is a matter of programming. Computer programs that have a specific purpose, grouped together with code, becomes software as you may know it. In easier terms, it’s an application that runs with the processing power that comes within the computer itself. This cannot run without an operating system in place, as that in itself is a software that helps run things through controls.

No one used this word (software), until the 1960s. It’s here that you get the first defining point, mainly the fact that these applications help the computer know what to do. Whatever you want to get the computer to do, software pushes through. The data and storage of these things were not isolated to what you may know of today. The intangible aspects of computing are found within these lines of code that you don’t regularly see up front. In short, you can’t run anything with your computer without this in place.

The 3 Major Categories

To consider further defining lines of what computer software is, you’ll need to break down the 3 major elements that come within this classification. There are 3 branches that you’ll want to define when it comes to the function and type of solution you will need to build a computer system.

Applications – user tasks are highlighted in this section, including word processors and browsers that serve to surf the web. This type of option is layered within the operating system, otherwise you will not be able to go from the start screen to anything else within the system that you have in place.

Systems – As noted in operating systems, system software runs other elements. There are several in place today including Linux, Windows, and MAC OS. These are all somewhat familiar to the early programming languages that used to run DOS. This started as a black screen with literal codes to run and start programs that were scripted within the confines of the computer.

Computer Programming Tools – otherwise known as development software, these are options that can help in creating new games, websites, and more. This is something that helps with creating the full industry of tech. From web development programs, to options that execute C plus, java, and much more. These are elements that help with working through building executable files and compilers alike.

Learning To Code

In order to learn how to build these types of computer elements, you’ll need to either go to school and major in Computer Programming or learn on your own through DIY methods. Coding is something that is in high demand, especially if you can work with internet programming languages like PHP, RUBY On RAILS, and much more. The development world usually holds career paths that pay upwards of six figures to those individuals that can program language by hand, edit code, troubleshoot and build software connectivity for computer systems. The languages needed to learn differ from HTML and CSS which drive visual design flow within internet pages. The average degree takes 4 years or more to get, and once you have been certified within the confines of programming language, you can apply for many jobs within the tech world or even develop your own games, programs and more.


Another branch of software definitions is that of firmware. This is an option that highlights software that has been made for a specific computing system. This is usually something that already has a connection within an operating system, so that it can get updated for use. For instance, updating a driver for a printer or installing a mouse requires firmware to ensure proper performance. This is somewhat of a “patch” to existing software builds, etc. This simple explanation is part of a larger exploration of what computer software is, and how it’s made.